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Though Hedges was detained way before. Who knows? It will no doubt emerge at some point.


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Their relationship chart has a cold composite Sun Saturn being rattled till early March ; and a mutually unsupportive, volatile and uncompromising on both sides composite Mars opposition Neptune square Uranus. Businessman Carlos Ghosn, who rose to super-hero status as head honcho of Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi, appears to have stumbled from his elevated pedestal charged with false accounting and under reporting his earnings and now detained in Japan.

Such a Sun can have a good deal to offer but is often arrogant, know-it-all and headstrong, and is very driven. He has a strong get-it-together 5 th harmonic; and a rise-and-fall 10H. At that level, handling and generating multi-billions, they all get tinged with megalomania and think themselves untouchable.

A major turnaround into and she will pick up steam and enthusiasm from April till late , which is when Boris looks to be marginally revitalised as well. This gives a hugely determined and hugely frustrated Mars Pluto. With Pluto square Sun, Moon, Uranus — which is rebellious, but hemmed in. Some hints can be seen in the examples in the post below November 18 th. For England the humiliation of Suez in and loss of empire; and previous occurrences also came with failure in one area followed later by successful development in a different direction; as well as the gradual shift towards more democratic government from the 13 th century onwards.

The deaths of Napoleon, Stalin and Franco were also clear Pluto Return markers in the old France, Russia and Spain charts of a break with one style of government. With a control-freak, autocratic Pluto on the midheaven.

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Throughout tr Pluto will be in a bitterly stubborn opposition to the USA Mercury from early in , exact over January and running on till late The latter tends to bring hostile, fanatical debates and can feel like a collective nervous breakdown. Inauguration charts set the tone for the Presidency.

His Second Term, which saw his assassination had Uranus Mars conjunct with Mars square the Sun — sudden acts of violence. Garfield and McKinley who were also assassinated also had Jupiter Saturn conjunctions over their start; with both having stressed Uranus and Mars in Aquarius. All three had Jupiter in Pisces then, which recurs in the first half of The President was re-elected in with what was known as the Court-packing plan, by which he threatened to pass a law he controlled both houses of Congress to add seats to the highest court and force early retirement of the sitting judges.

They backed down in with a famous footnote where they basically raised the white flag and overturned a long line of previous cases to finally allow such measures as Medicare. Category : WorkScopes. I found a really great article written by Marjorie Orr from an astrological website that talks about making work as fun as play. It is a breakdown of astrological signs having a different prospective on what can make work more appealing whether being a sense of adventure or just a sense of perception in their daily routine. Let me know what you think.

Does going to work sometimes feel like a prison sentence? There are things you can inject into your workday to make it far more appealing. Sagittarius and Pisces are the visionaries of the zodiac, since they share Jupiter as a co-ruler; Aquarius is also ruled by Jupiter, so it shares the sense that life must have a special purpose.

These signs need more than a job — they need a vocation. Aries and Leo definitely need some fun at work, while also hoping to look at their daily tasks as part of greater exploration along their journey through life.